Part 1: The Dropouts
Part 2: Today’s Church: How did it get this way?
Part 3: Today’s Church: How did it get this way?

Part 4: Where do we go from here?



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“People find themselves living to serve an institution that has taken on a life of it’s own, a life made larger than the people who initially came together to accomplish the task at hand.”
- James Thwaites


'The Dropouts' part 1 of the 4 part series 'Church Outside The Walls', focuses on Christians who have left Sunday morning 'church' services and the whole religious system of doing 'church' in order to return to the simplicity of Christ.

In this documentary video we meet some of these people who have dropped out of institutional Christianity. Who are these people and why have they chosen to 'dropout'?

Are they Lone Rangers? Rebels? Non-conformists? Flakes? Wounded believers who need to be won back?

How has their decision to drop out affected their spiritual health? Are they still walking with Christ or are they backsliders? Have they been snatched up by wolves or carried away by false doctrines? Usually we hear about these people through pastors or church leaders and are told what they are like. But have we actually taken the time to really meet them and listen to them?

In this video we do just that. We hear straight from them why they dropped out, and their spiritual life since dropping out. Be warned! Some of their answers may shock you!





Church Outside the Walls DVD series

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