Part 1: The Dropouts
Part 2: Today’s Church: How did it get this way?
Part 3: Today’s Church: How did it get this way?

Part 4: Where do we go from here?



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"They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men. "

– Jesus  Matthew 15:9 (NIV)


Part 4 takes an objective look at what the scriptures say about church as a family. How do brothers and sisters in the family of God encourage, correct, equip and build up one another in Christ? What is biblical discipleship, and how does it fit into a family relationship?




We explore ways in which the family of God reaches out to those who do not yet know him. Does it take large organizations and evangelism programs to resource effective witness? Is evangelism something we do or a fruit of our life? How do relational followers of Christ fulfill the Great Commission?

In this DVD we observe how some believers are learning what it means to become 'friends of sinners'. We hear from those who believe that where and how they live and what they do for employment and entertainment is all strategic to loving the lost into an extended family.

Church Outside the Walls DVD series